The Material and structure research clusters are one of the most promising influence technologies in the world.   It is an understanding of the fundamental knowledge generation and transfer platform for multidisciplinary research collaboration among researchers locally and internationally to strengthen the research activity and explore the new dimensional material synthesis.  The advancement in material research, specifically the development of novel nanomaterials, is positively impacting human life to overcome global challenges. Therefore, it is essential to understand the fundamental properties, limitations, and challenges in synthesizing novel material such as CNT, CNFs, Graphene, MXene, nano composite material for various applications in science and engineering. The most eye-catching features of carbon based nanomaterial/ nanocomposite are their electronic, mechanical, optical, and chemical characteristics, which opens numerous avenues to future applications, especially in biomedical, polymers, material construction, biosensors, coatings, petroleum, energy, and environment.

Main key area of our research cluster includes, advanced nanomaterial synthesis using microwave technology, advanced material and manufacturing, nano polymer composite, corrosion engineering, constitutive modelling of soils, highway and transportation engineering, green material synthesis, biomedical application, numerical modeling, surface metrology and sustainable nano composite.  The main aim of this research cluster is to develop advanced nanomaterial synthesis and application to meet the need of various sectors i.e., research scientists, graduate students, faculty members, industrial partners, government clients, and environmental consultants working in Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Biotechnological and Environmental Engineering. Furthermore, our research outcome can be enhancing in various sectors such as industry practitioners, engineers, researchers in environmental remediation, agricultural engineering, electronic energy device industry, sensor and energy harvesting industries, equipment manufacture industry, Materials processing industries, Nanomaterials developed industries.

Current projects are funded by both industry and government agencies such as the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Sarawak Research and Development Council, Sarawak Multimedia Authority and ASEAN Funding Agency.

If you are interested in learning more about Material and structure research Cluster, our committee members, and the work we have done to date, you can click on our home page. We hope you will find it informative and interesting.

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