No Title of project Type of grant Grant name/funder Role (PI/Co) Funding Amount BPT Member
1 Mechanistic study on the formation of facile self-assembly magnetic enzyme-inorganic hybrid nanoflowers biocatalyst. External Government FRGS Principal investigator RM110,900 Lau Sie Yon; Tony Hadibarata; Jibrail Kansedo
2 Improving enzymes selectivity (reaction kinetics and mechanistic pathway) to increase bio-hydrogen yield from xylose External Government FRGS Co-investigator RM148,010 Lau Sie Yon
3 Synthesis of cationized starch derived from fruit wastes as promising natural coagulants for turbidity removal, External Government SRDC Principal investigator RM 50,000 Choy Sook Yan; Lau Sie Yon
4 Nanomilling Hydrothermal/Enzymatic Treatment towards Lignin Isolation from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch in Sarawak External Government SRDC Co-investigator RM 50,000 Jibrail Kansedo
5 Pilot Plant Scale Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Natural Antioxidant External Government SRDC Principal investigator RM50000 Inn Shi Tan; Yie Hua Tan; Henry Foo
6 MECHANISM OF MULTISTAGE NANO-ENABLED MICROBIAL FERMENTATION External Government FRGS Co-investigator RM132,080.00 Inn Shi Tan; Henry Foo
7 Determining the underlying biomineralization mechanism on eggshell membrane External Government FRGS Principal investigator RM89,870.00 Henry Foo; Inn Shi Tan
8 Hydrophobic Modified Honeycomb Tubular Biochar with Enhanced Adsorption Capability of Volatile Organic Compounds: Characterisation and Kinetics Study External Government FRGS Co-investigator RM84200 Inn Shi Tan; Yie Hua Tan
9 Understanding of Mechanisms Affecting the Effectiveness of Biochar Catalyst for Biodiesel Production External Government FRGS Principal investigator RM 133 800 Yie Hua Tan
10 Magnesium oxide nanoparticles as a potential alternative to copper based fungicide: The pathogenic capability and transport properties External Government SRDC Co-investigator 190,000 Choy Sook Yan
11 Impact of Climate Change on the Integrated Flood Vulnerability Index of Hilly terrain International Funding ASEAN-India Collaborative R&D grant Co-investigator USD 30,000 Tony Hadibarata
12 Study of Novel Banana Blossom Peels (Musa acuminata Colla) Adsorbent for the Removal of Manganese in Surface Water External Government FRGS Co-investigator 102,971 Tony Hadibarata
13 MySaBRIX: App based Brix refractometer to measure brix index of fruits and vegetables in Sarawak External Government SMA Co-investigator 150,000 Tony Hadibarata

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