No Title of project Type of Grant Grant Name/Funder Role (PI/Co) Funding Amount ISDCon Member
1 Mechanistic Modeling of Hybrid microwave and ultrasound assisted phamaceutical crystallization with and without addition of anti-solvent External Government FRGS PI RM 95,100 Agus Saptoro,

Wee Siaw Khur, Angnes Tiong Ngiene Tze

2 A New Approach to Fundamental Modelling of Sludge Dewatering under Low Pressure Condition External Government FRGS Co RM101,012 Agus Saptoro
3 Development of a Rapid, Reliable and Cost-Effective Product Quality Estimation of Sago (Metroxylon sagu) based on Hyperspectral Images External Government Sarawak Research and Development Council (SRDC) Pi RM 171,950 Agus Saptoro, King Hann Lim
4 Modelling Fake news spread as a probabilistic Mechanism incorporating news profile External Government FRGS PI RM98600 Wong Wei Kitt, Filber Hilman Juwono
5 Magnesium oxide nanoparticles as a potential alternative to copper based fungicide: The pathogenic capability and transport properties Co External Government SRDC Research Grant Schemes: Catalyst PI Rm 190000 Law Ming Chiat, Angnes Tiong Ngieng Tze
6 Development of Mobile Apps to Learn Geology in Miri Area for Engineering Students Internal CMTIP Co RM 2000 Foad Motalebi,
7 Living Deltas Hub International Funding UKRI Co 116,008.81 pound Thuy
8 Estimation of Lower Extremity Muscles Activation Patterns during Walking using Wearable Wireless Inertial Sensors External Government FRGS Co RM 122300 King Hann Lim
9 Development of Sarawak e-AgriFinance in transforming the agricultural sector External Government Sarawak Multimedia Authority



PI RM 300,000 Raymond Chong, Lenin Gopal, Terence Tan
10 Microwave kiln for beads production External Government Public Private Research Network PI RM 31200 Wee Siaw Khur, Agus Saptoro, Wong Wei Kitt
11 IoT based Energy Efficient Solar Panel Tracking and Monitoring System External Government Sarawak Multimedia Authority PI RM 250000 Lenin Gopal, Zhuquan Zang, Ling Huo Chong, Raymond Chong
12 Mathematical Modeling of optimal 5G Non-Orthogonal Waveforms for GFDM system External Government FRGS PI RM51200 Filbert Juwono, Lenin Gopal, Zhuquan Zang, Raymond CHiong
13 Modelling microwave assisted boiling External Government FRGS PI RM 94000 Law Mign Chiat
14 Formulation of a robust, non-Gaussian algorithm used to develop adaptive soft sensors for sensing various states in industrial processing plants External Government FRGS PI RM 82000 Agus Saptora, King Hann Lim
15 Stereo Vision Computer Aided-Monitoring System (SV-CAMS) for the Field of Rehabilitation External Government Sarawak Multimedia Authority PI RM 115,000 King Hann Lim
16 Non-Linear Optimization Framework for Deep Learning Neural Network External Government FRGS PI RM 75000 King Hann Lim, Terence Tan
17 Visual-based Computer-Aided Monitoring System (VCAMS) for Human Motion Abnormalities Correction External Government MOSTI PI RM115,000 King Hann Lim
18 The effect of reaction on the Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer rate in Rotating Packed Bed for CO2 capture by Absorption  


External Government

FRGS PI RM 86000 Perumal Kumar
19 Development of a Rapid and Cost-Effective Detector and Estimator of Adulterants in Ground Black Pepper using Spatial and Spectral Image Analysis  


External Government

Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) PI RM100,000 Agus Saptoro, King Hann Lim
20 Microwave irradiation based physical method to manipulate the surface tension of nanofluids International


Hyogo Overseas Research Network (HORN) Japan PI ¥473,630 Agus Saptoro
21 Self-Diagnostic-Alert Secure Mobile Electrocardiogram System for Tele-Healthcare  


External Government

MOSTI Science Fund PI RM 152,028 Ling Huo Chong
22 Mathematical Modelling of Robust MIMO Relay System for Power Line Communication  


External Government

FRGS PI RM 82,000 Lenin Gopal, Zhuquan Zang, Raymond chiong

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