EE cluster

Energy and Environmental (EE) Research cluster supports research efforts leading to energy, environment and resource management energy solutions to problems related to the national and international industry and community in order to provide a more efficient and sustainable future. Cluster key areas of research include but not limited to: petroleum geology, reservoir management, environmental engineering management, geochemical and process engineering, biofuels and biomass, renewable energy and sustainability, and carbon capture and storage.

Our research cluster is actively planning and acting more strategically in the development of current and future research activities. EE research cluster aims to achieve harmonic interactions among interdisciplinary research activities in mentioned key areas in order to enhance different scenarios of solving challenges, which are often interdisciplinary in nature. EE cluster is dedicated to build collaborative links between interdisciplinary researchers and industrial partners in the Asia region.

Generally, secured projects are funded by internal, industry and government bodies, such as the University Research and Development, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Sarawak Research and Development Council, Sarawak Energy, ASEAN Funding Agency, and International Foundation for Science. Our research cluster also continuously explores new opportunities to add value to research activities in order to enhance the Faculty’s research profile nationally and internationally to a higher level of excellence.

If you are interested to know more about Energy and Environmental Research cluster activities, please check our committee member profiles and the previous and ongoing research projects on our homepage.