Name Research Interest Email
Prof. Dr. Tuong-Thuy Vu ·       Geospatial Data Science

·       Open Geospatial Science
AP Dr. Garenth Lim King Hann ·       Computer Vision

·       Artificial Intelligence

·       Numerical Optimization

·       Deep Learning Neural Network

·       Signal/Image processing;
AP Dr. Lenin Gopal ·       Signal processing for communications,

·       Power Line Communications,

·       Renewable Energy
AP Dr. Agus Saptoro ·       Intelligent Multivariate Data and Image Analysis,

·       Inferential Sensor Design,

·       Process Modelling, Optimization and Control
AP Dr. Ling Huo Chong ·       Watermarking, steganography, cryptography,

·       image processing,

·       security analysis
AP Dr. Jobrun Nandong ·       COVID-19 Infection

·       Modeling, Advanced Control of Complex Dynamics
AP Dr. Perumal Kumar ·       Fluids and Thermal Engineering,

·       Transport Phenomena,

·       Computational Fluid Dynamics, Modelling and Simulation
AP Dr. Law Ming Chiat ·       Multiphysics modelling
AP Dr. Wee Siaw Khur ·       Computational Fluid Dynamics,

·       Multiphase fluid flow,

·       flow assurance,

·       renewable energy
Dr. Raymond Chiong Choo Wee ·       Signal processing for communications or power systems
Dr. Filbert Hilman Juwono ·       Signal processing for communications and biomedical  applications,

·       machine learning for communications and biomedical applications
Dr. Thomas Anung Basuki ·       Text Processing,

·       Formal Methods,

·       Software Engineering, algorithms
Dr. Wong Kiing Ing ·       Power system,

·       Power electronic
Ir. Dr. Wong Wei Kitt ·       Sensor,

·       Optimization,

·       machine learning
Dr. Han Yi Chiew ·       Signal processing
Dr. Chew Ing Ming ·       Control modeling

·       optimization algorithms
Dr. Angnes Tiong Ngieng Tze ·       Heat Transfer

·       Computational Fluid Dynamics

·       Nanofluid technology
Dr. Saaveethya Sivakumar ·       Smart Healthcare Technologies & Biomechanics,

·       Machine Learning,

·       Signal Processing,

·       Computer Vision
Mr. Pang Po Ken ·       Computer Vision,

·       Artificial Intelligence,

·       IoT technology

·       Database
Mr. S. Veeramani ·       Distributed computer networks; Cloud Computing
Mr. Foad Motalebi ·       Databases,

·       IoT technology,

·       Blockchain,

·       Data Networks
Mr. Kamaroizan Mohamad ·       IoT technology

·       Software Engineering, Algorithm
Mr. Tiong Teck Chai ·       Wirelesss communication, power system,

·       artificial intelligence
Mr. Terence Tan Peng Lian ·       Multi Agent Systems,

·       Software Engineering
Ms. Nong Nurnie Mohd Nistah ·       Artificial Intelligence,

·       Machine Learning,

·       Intelligent Monitoring System,

·       IoT technology

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