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AP Dr. Mubarak Mujawar


  • Carbon nanotube/ nanofiber synthesis using microwave heating.
  • Synthesis of magnetic biochar and activated carbon using microwave technology.
  • Immobilization of enzyme on carbon nanotubes.
  • Synthesis of biofuel using microwave heating .
  • Application of CNTs and CNFs for removal liquids and gases pollutant.
  • Protein purification using CNTs
  • Waste water treatment
  • Separation Process and Thermodynamics
  • Advanced material and Reaction Engineering
AP Dr. Sujan Debnath


  • Green Composite Materials using Bio-Waste
  • Nano Polymer Composite
  • Advanced/Sustainable/Nano-enhanced Machining
  • Thermal Management in Electronic Packaging
  • Origami inspired Folding Technique and Folding Design
AP Dr. Mohan Reddy. M.


  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
Ir. Dr. Edwin N T Jong


  • Corrosion engineering
  • Welding technology
Dr. Jayakumar Muthuramalingam


  • Construction engineering, management and contracts
  • Assessment of wave loads and structural response of offshore structures
  • Design and construction of offshore concrete platforms and bridges
  • Study on high strength concrete with partial replacement of cement by low calcium fly ash and lime as an additive
  • Sustainable design and construction of pavements in soft soil region
Dr. Wong Kwong Soon


  • Bio-cementation, geopolymer and high performance concrete
  • Ground treatment: electro-osmosis treatment
  • Geotechnical behaviour of peat and residual soil
  • Constitutive modelling of soils
  • Soil structure interactions; excavation; tunnel
  • Teaching and learning in engineering
Ir. Dr. Vera Loo Hui


  • Characterization of the durability of weathered rock
  • Mapping of the susceptibility landslides/other hazards
  • Landslide reconnaissance by application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Improvement of soft soil by food waste
  • Geotechnical modelling of stability of slope and ground settlemen
Dr. Mahmood Anwar


  • Biomaterials, Liquid Metals and Advanced Ceramics.
  • Nanomaterials, Materials Characterization and Corrosion Engineering
  • Materials for High Voltage Engineering.
  • Thermoacoustics and acoustic materials.
  • Surface Engineering and coatings (Thermal oxidation, CVD and PVD, etc.)
  • Radiation Shielding Materials and Nuclear Engineering.
  • Engineering Education.
Dr. Low Wai Wah


  • Project/construction management
  • International construction
  • Knowledge management
  • Life cycle costing
  • Organization culture
  • Risk management
  • Learning and teaching (higher education)
Dr. Tina Ting Chui Huon


  • Cold-formed steel
Ir. Meheron Selowara Joo


  • Road Safety
  • Highway and Transportation Engineering
  • Geometric Design
  • Engineering Education
  • Sustainable Development
Ir. Dr. Sung Aun Naa


  • Machine Vision
  • Augmented Reality
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Precision Engineering and Measurement
  • Cutting Tool Technology
  • Surface Metrology
Dr. Sharon Yee Jia Huey


  • Improvement of peat and soft soils using electro-osmosis technique
Dr. Nurul Noraziemah Mohd Pauzi


  • Sustainable production of high-strength concrete using hazardous waste cathode-ray tube glass as coarse aggregates.
  • Solidification of petroleum sludge incorporating phosphogypsum in cementitious composite as roadbed subgrade materials.
Dr. Timothy Ting Zhi Hong


  • Concrete
  • Sustainable construction material
  • Structural engineering
  • Numerical modelling
Mr. Abdul Hamid Bin Abdullah


  • Polymers
  • Composites
  • Materials Characterization
  • Green Materials

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