Selected on-going or completed projects 

  • Industry Project – Novakey Strength and durability behaviour of artificial armour stone using high performance concrete incorporating industrial waste and marine sand for breakwater
  • FRGS – Investigation on shear strength and consolidation behaviour of peat treated using microbial induced calcite precipitation
  •  FRGS (Project leader):  Impact of palm oil based minimum quantity of lubrication on machinability of Ti and its alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)
  • FRGS – A mathematical model for high strength cold-formed steel screwed connection under cyclic loading
  • FRGS: – Characterization of the durability of Northern Sarawak Shales against weathering based on geochemistry, mineralogy and textural properties commence on 1 Sep 2019
  • FRGS“Synergistic Effect of Nanocellulose Incorporation on Coulombic Interaction and Energy Dissipation in the Green Conductive Stretchable Composite based on Ionogel and Palm waste
  • FRGS “Hydrophobic Modified Honeycomb Tubular Biochar with Enhanced Adsorption Capability of Volatile Organic Compounds: Characterisation and Kinetics Study”
  • FRGS Graphene/Bismuth Sulphide/Recycled Carbon Fibre Nanocomposite for Sub-watt IoT Applications”
  •  ORS Cross-Faculty/Cross-Campus Collaborative Projects, title Securing Australia’s critical need for Rare Earth Elements Approved $160,000
  • FRGS “Understanding of Mechanisms Affecting the Effectiveness of Magnetic Biochar Catalyst for Biodiesel Production
  • British Council”Advanced manufacturing of biochar in UK/China/Malaysia/Nigeria” with a grant of £70,000

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