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Digital information and innovation are now the mainstream of technology interacting in our daily life to create efficient and systematic environment. Our academic and scientific staff in the Intelligent System, Design and Control Research Cluster are engaged in a wide range of research endeavors, with frontends and backends of digital innovation. Other key areas of interest include electrical power in smart grid applications, artificial intelligence and big data analysis, robotic and smart sensing, communication and networking, mobile app and software development, optimization and algorithm structure design, process and control, cyber security and applied physics includes fluid flow, computational fluid dynamics, multi-scale multi-physics modeling. Our research interests are strongly built around multi-disciplinarity, with our academics collaborating with numerous research institutions and industry bodies locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our cluster research and innovation activities focus on strategic areas aligned with Industry 4.0 and Sarawak Digital Economy Agenda. It is aimed to provide professional consultancy and research collaboration on the digital information analysis and domain expert knowledge to improve the current shortcomings faced in industries and stakeholders using digital solutions.  Current projects are funded both by industry and government bodies, such as the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Sarawak Research and Development Council, Sarawak Multimedia Authority, and ASEAN Funding Agency.

If you are interested in knowing more about Intelligent System, Design and Control Research Cluster, please visit to our homepage and get in touch with us.