Welcoming message

Academic and scientific staff in the Bio-Process and Technology Research Cluster are engaged in a wide range of research endeavours, with bioprocess and biotechnology constituting a major theme. Other key areas of interest include environmental chemistry, wastewater treatment, biomass conversion, membrane technology, nanomaterials, and green materials. Our broad research interests are strongly built around multi-disciplinarity, with our academics collaborating with numerous research institutions and industry bodies locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Research cluster objective is to explore and conserve natural resource and biodiversity in Sarawak for supporting bioindustry and clinical research development, to exploit natural resource and biodiversity for biotechnological innovation and its commercialization, and to develop efficient bioprocesses for manufacturing and production industries in Sarawak.

Current projects are funded both by industry and government bodies, such as the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Sarawak Research and Development Council, Sarawak Multimedia Authority, and ASEAN Funding Agency.

If you are interested in knowing more about Bio-Process and Technology Research Cluster, our Committee members and the previous works carried out, you can click on our homepage. Hope that you will find it informative and interesting.