Research Interests of Core Members

Name Research Interest
Ir. Dr. Vera Loo Hui
  • Characterization of the durability of weathered rock
  • Mapping of the susceptibility landslides/other hazards
  • Assessment of slope stability and remedial measures
  • Sustainability in geotechnical application
Ir. Dr. Wong Kwong Soon
  • Bio-cementation, geopolymer and high-performance concrete
  • Ground treatment: electro-osmosis treatment
  • Geotechnical behaviour of peat and residual soil
  • Constitutive modelling of soils
  • Soil structure interactions; excavation; tunnel
Ir Meheron Selowara Joo
  • Road Safety
  • Highway and Transportation Engineering
  • Green Building Assessment
  • Sustainable Road Infrastructure Development

Dr. Tan Yee Yong

  • Natural-based solution for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering
  • Numerical modelling of transport and fate of contaminants in porous medium
  • Numerical modelling of wastewater treatment and sludge mineralization
  • Design of stormwater management system and sewerage network
Dr. Timothy Ting
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Composite material structural design and analysis
  • Energy efficiency analysis

Research Interests of Other Researchers

Name Research Interest
Dr. Lee Yeong Huei 
  • Structural analysis of innovative light steel frames
  • Material behaviour of lightweight concrete
  • Performance of shipping container as building material
  • Sustainable aspects in construction methods and building materials