Successful FRGS grant applicants 2021

The successful applicants and their project and grant details are as follows:

Dr. Ling Huo Chong

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Project: A Robust SVD-based Watermarking Algorithm using Orthogonal Vectors and Optimal Scaling Factor for Solving False-Positive Problem and Sensitivity Issue



A/Prof. Hezerul Abdul Karim, Multimedia University

Dr. Wong Wei Kitt, Curtin Malaysia

Dr.Thomas Anung Basuki, Curtin Malaysia


Grant received: RM55,000 (100% funding)


Dr. Wendy Ng Pei Qin

Lecturer, Chemical Engineering


Project: Enhancing the Feasibility and Sustainability of Circular Hydrogen Production Process via a Fundamental Process Integration Approach



Prof. Lam Hon Loong, University of Nottingham, Malaysia

Dr. Jibrail Bin Kansedo, Curtin Malaysia

A/Prof. Lim Chun Hsion, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Dr.How Bing Shen, Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak


Grant received: RM70,000 (100% funding)


Dr. Jibrail Bin Kansedo

Lecturer, Chemical Engineering


Project: Elucidating the Reaction Kinetic and Conversion Mechanism of Hydrolyzed Non-Edible Cerbera Odollam (Sea Mango) Oil into Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Bioplastic



Dr.Clarence M.Ongkudon, Universiti Malaysia Sabah

A/Prof. Jobrun Anak Nandong, Curtin Malaysia

Dr. Lam Man Kee, University Teknologi Petronas

Dr.Tan Yie Hua, Curtin Malaysia

Dr.Tan Inn Shi, Curtin Malaysia


Grant received: RM146,000 (71% funding)


Dr. R.Nagarajan

Professor, Applied Geology


Project: Development of Environmental Surveillance of Fluoride Emissions from an Aluminium Smelter and Investigation on the Effect of Fluoride Accumulation on the Surrounding Environment



Ms.Cynthia Anak Paul Sebli, Curtin Malaysia

Dr. Anuj Nishanth Lipton, CBV, Curtin Malaysia

Dr. Kiew Siaw Fui, CBV, Curtin Malaysia


Grant received: RM387,600 (100% funding)