Over the past several years, the adoption of technologies such as cloud, big data/analytics, social business and mobility in the 3rd platform has accelerated and undergone digital transformation on a massive scale. Digital transformation speeds up the pace of technological innovation and transforms customer experience, operational processes and the business models of companies. Take for example, UBER, the world’s biggest taxi company that owns no taxis and Alibaba, the world’s most valuable retailer that holds no inventory.

As such, Curtin Malaysia Digital innovation hub (CMDi) is formed in 2018 as an initiative to spearhead Curtin Malaysia to the forefront of digital economy through digital innovation. CMDi acts as a centre hub to provide research and technological innovation through its group of research fellows with different research clusters and expertise that share a common platform in providing distinguished leadership, exceptional research and support, as well as professional advice, consultancy and training on the areas that are related to digital economy.

The formation of CMDi is also on the right time as Sarawak state is gearing itself towards digital economy. During the International ICT Infrastructure and Digital Economy Conference Sarawak on 4th April 2017, Sarawak Chief Minister announced the formation of Sarawak Multimedia Authority to regulate ICT infrastructure and digital technology utilization and Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation to coordinate all digital economy initiatives, ranging from infrastructure, e-government, talent development, e-commerce and cyber security.

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 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ling Huo Chong


Curtin Malaysia Digital innovation (CMDi)

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